Best Dashcams 2018

2018 Top 5 Best DASHCAM You Can Buy on Amazon [Car Dash Cam]

  • 2018 Top 5 Best DASHCAM You Can Buy on Amazon [Car Dash Cam] - Best Car Cameras 2018 - 2019 on Amazon:
  • AUKEY DR02D Dash Camera
  • BLACKVUE DR900S 4K UHD Cloud Dash Camera
  • DDPAI X2 Pro Supreme Safety Digital Dual Cams
  • THINKWARE F800PRO Dash Cam
  • YI 2.7K Ultra Dash Cam
  • jd5179

    Can u guys recommend a dash that can operate on really high heat? During summer - peaked heat will go up to 112 degrees outside . Dual channel I bought in Amazon overheats a lot

  • Ranger Rick

    My experience with my Blackvue was it couldn't handle the heat. Had to unplug it whenever I left car sitting in summer. Pittasoft left me high and dry when it failed in less than a year, using the excuse I didn't buy it DIRECT from them. It was an original not a copy. They charge alot of money for a product that is not practical and will not stand behind you when it fails. WHEN it fails. Look for something else.

  • Sha Money

    That’s all nice but I want something that’s going to do a 360 Watch why my car is parking when my car is not parking it’s on the road like myself

  • Amzar Nacht

    Still waiting for one of these companies to provide a camera that can be coupled with an OBD port to record vehicle stats (steering angle, acell/braking, turn signals, ect).

  • KAPETA33

    No mention of camera survival in over 100 degree summer heat. In my experience (over 25 different dash cams) went survive. Part of it is due to direct sun when you mount to windshield. I use mobious camera for last 3 years and it survived all summer's. It's small discrete and inexpensive. I mount it next to wiser away from sun. That's what I recommend.

TOP 5: Best Dash Cam 2018

  • Garmin Dash Cam 35
  • Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam
  • WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam
  • VIOFO A119S V2 DashCam
  • THINKWARE TW-F770 Dash Cam
  • txmoney

    I’m getting the Blackvue dr900s 2 channel that will be hardwired. It includes a 4K front mounted dash cam and a 1080p rear cam. It’s widely considered among the best.

  • Jomelfy Clase

    is there a dash cam that doesn't need to be connected to an USB cable? maybe a rechargeable battery

  • Bob Lalonde

    Looking for a decent dashcam at a decent price, dual cameras Both Hi Res and wide angle lenses, at least 128gb to 256gb memory, GPS, Capacitor powered if possible and at least a 4 inch screen mounted on a swivel base left to right and up and down. If it exists let me know

Best Dashcams on the Market with BlackboxMyCar

  • Here are the very best dash cams on the market.
  • Purchase the Viofo A119
  • Purchase the VicoVation Opia2
  • Purchase the Blackvue DR750S-2CH
  • Purchase the Thinkware F800 Pro
  • Purchase the BlackSys CH-200
  • J G

    I believe I am looking for a 360 camera. Because none of them allow you to see yourself or any exchanges if stopped by the police. I would want something that shows your side front windows also.

  • hornetluca

    I have to say, thanks to both of you Vortex Radar and BlackboxMyCar for your thorough reviews you did in your own YouTube channels. Those reviews were truly helpful for me to decide which dashcam was suitable for me. Therefore I bought the Blackvue dr750s-2ch , a Cellink B Power Bank to power the dashcam and a Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC, 633x, 128 GB, UHS-I.

  • Jomelfy Clase

    is there a dash cam that doesn't need to be connected to an USB cable? maybe a rechargeable battery

  • Toonami30

    Thanks to this video I'm going to buy the Thinkware F800 Pro for my car.

11 Car Dash Cameras Battle It Out - (With Full Day/Night Demonstration)

    Ever wonder what the difference is between cheap and expensive dash cameras?... Me too.. so I made a video! These 11 cameras from $50 up $450 are put to the test to find out if more $$$ is really worth it.
  • Adelaida R.

    Thank you, I loved the way you presented each dash camera. Thank you for sharing we all learned a lot from your presentation. Appreciate you and thank you.

  • brotherBvideos

    This is a great non biased review, thank you for taking the time to put this together..I live in LA and just witnessed a shooting on the fwy yesterday, hopefully the camera I select will help law enforcement better =) I subbed

  • paul altman

    Bought second FalconEye because first one seem to work ok. But had a problem with the second cam after two hours. Called customer service to sort out the issue, and quickly realized that these guys do not stand behind their product. James hung up on my after telling me that I should send my consents to his boss via emal. be ware if you reveived faulty unit they will hit you with restocking fee. Needless to say I will not buy another one, after returning this one. Disappointed.

Car Tech 101: The best new dashcam tech

    Crashes, break-ins and crazy passengers, all captured in beautiful HD! This is the latest in dashcam tech.
  • dcpc08161992

    Dashcam saved my daughter from false accusation of the other 'more' experienced driver. She claimed my daughter hit her car while she was backing out of the parking space even after she applied her brake. She claimed her driving experience of 20+ years trumped my daughter's one year driving record. But the video from the dashcam clearly showed otherwise... her insurance agent who was on her side the whole time... until they saw the video and go 'OK, we will go ahead and take care of the claim'. It's a $1200 damaged claim.

  • wizengy

    GPS is not a good feature for me. The number one reason to get a dashcam is courts and insurance and you only want things to help you. A dashcam with GPS will show speed and if you were one mile per hour over the limit then you were driving recklessly and are at fault. It is best not to have this. Most of the time it will be well known where the accident took place. Also, turn off the audio. It can rarely help but it can show distracted driving which will not work in your favor. If you need it on then usually a one button push will turn it on and let you speak driver's license numbers and such.

  • kens97sto171

    Nice video. I run the Viofo A119. 1440p, gps, swivles.. very similar the the second one he showed. $100. And quality is good. There are dedicated dash cam YouTube and webs sites to help you muddle through all the details. Many cams that cost $400 don't do any better job than one that cost $100.

Ten Best Dash Cameras 2018 - Car Dash Cams Review

    List of Best Dash Cams: Product links

    • At No 1

      Rexing V1P 2.4"" LCD FHD Dash Cam An important feature of this camera is the g-sensor which works by locking a particular footage to avoid overwriting the footage. Accidents are easy to identify by the g-sensor which triggers the video lock function. The dash cam comes with a front camera which offers full-HD recording at a 170 degree angle. A separate back camera also gives a 120 degree coverage. With this camera, storage space is usually not a problem as it supports up to 128 GB of memory and a loop recording. The cameras are easy to install with adhesive cables.
    • At No 2

      YI 2.7"" Screen Full HD Dash Cam A built-in Wi-Fi function makes it easy to connect the dash cam with the YI Dash Cam app for additional functionality. Buttons on the camera also provide excellent control with a 2.7 inch LCD screen to provide the necessary display. Improve your driving experience with the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which gives real time Lane Departure warnings as well as distance to the car in front. The high sensitivity image sensor on this camera also give it an excellent night vision. For clearer, realistic, and sharper images, there is an infrared filter on the camera lens.
    • At No 3

      AUKEY Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera For rapid and easy installation of the dash cam, it comes with two mounting options. A 3M adhesive pad or a suction cup are the options available for mounting the cam to the windshield. Running out of recording space is a possibility if you forget to delete older camera footage. The loop recording helps eliminate this problem by overwriting older footage when the camera runs out of memory space. The camera utilizes a 6 element lens working with a Sony Exmor IM323 sensor and a 170 degree view angle to provide full HD resolution which is sharp and clear.
    • At No 4

      Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4"" LCD FHD - Best Dash Cameras The automatic on/off feature of this camera gives the user the opportunity to decide if the camera should turn on and start recording as soon as the car is on or if it will be switched on manually. Using the camera in high temperature conditions will not affect its output. There is also no fear of overheating when storing the camera. The camera supports Micro SD cards of up to 128 GB with an 11 hour video recording duration when making use of a 64 GB card. Each package comes with a car charging cable, USB cable, 3M adhesive mount, and the camera.
    • At No 5

      YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard - Car Dash Cams Review Don’t miss any important event with this dual dash cam. It features a front facing camera which provides a 1080p HD recording and the rear camera which offers a 720p HD resolution. It is quite common for drivers to fall asleep on the wheels. The YI dual dash cam comes with a driver fatigue feature which sounds an alert after driving for 2 hours. The alert can only be shut-off manually to ensure that the driver is awake. When reversing, an in-built sensor ensures the display switches to the rear view camera. "
  • Mike Kazan

    Any advice on what cam is best for a technologically challenged person? something just plug and go, where nothing can go wrong?

Top 5 Best Dash Camera On Amazon 2018 You should Put in Your Car

    • ► AUKEY Dual Dash Cam, 1080P HD Front and Rear Camera, 6-Lane 170° Wide-Angle Lens, Night Vision, G-Sensor, Dual-Port Car Charger
    • ► VAVA Dash Cam with SONY Image Sensor, Car DVR for 1080p 60fps Clear HD Videos in Low Light or at Night, Wide-Angle Lens, 3-axis G-sensor, Snapshot Remote Button, iOS & Android Mobile App
    • ► THINKWARE TW-X350G Dash Cam Bundle with Gps
    • ► WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS Premium Dash Cam w/ WiFi & GPS, iPhone Android Compatible, 2K Super HD Sony Exmor Sensor, Dashboard Camera, Car DVR, Dual USB Charger, G Sensor, Night Vision, Loop Recording
    • ► YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with Touch Screen, Front Rear View HD Camera, G Sensor, Parking Monitor

5 Best Dash Cams For Car You Can Buy On Amazon In 2018

    • ► Waylens Horizon HD Dash Camera System with GPS and OBD2 performance data
    • ► DDPai mini WiFi Full HD 1080P Dash Cam, 140 Degree Wide Angle, Night-vision, Loop Recording
    • ► AUKEY Dual Dash Cam, 1080P HD Front and Rear Camera
    • ► XIAOMI 70MAI Smart Car DVR 1080P 130 Degree Wide Angle Sony IMX323 Sensor Voice Control
    • ► VAVA Dash Cam with SONY Image Sensor, WiFi Car DVR

Top 10 Best Dash Cameras 2018 - Car Dash Cams Review

    Best Dash Cameras 2018 Today let's take a look at the best dashboard cams available for your safety.

    • No 1: KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam (Best Dash Camera)

      This full HD X1 dash cam is one of the best companions for your dashboard. This dash cam is hands free and comes with an amazing 2.7 inch slim and sleek design. You can even insert an 8GB memory card that will help you capture all the images and videos when you are on the road. You will love the way this dash cam functions. You will get wide range focus with this dash cam. You will even get to track your location with the help of the KDLINKS dash cam software that includes Google Maps.
    • No 2: Spy Tec G1W-C Dash Cam

      This capacitor dash cam is one of the best. This is because it is heat resistant and requires no batteries. You will have amazing HD recording with 1080P clarity. This dash cam consumes very little power and the image processing is very smooth. If you are going on a long drive, this dash cam is your perfect companion. You can relive all memories of your journey because of 2.7 Inch wide screen. You can even store more memories because this dash cam comes with 32GB storage capacity.
    • No 3: YI Dashboard Camera (Best Dash Cam for the Money)

      The amazing YI dash cam comes with the ADAS or the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that will help you drive safe. This dash cam also uses the G-sensor technology that will record footage automatically during an emergency. This advanced feature will help you capture the event before and after the emergency. The dash cam even comes with amazing night vision and captures video at the rate of 60 fps. You can insert a memory card of up to 64GB that is more than sufficient to save a lot of memories.
    • No 4: GoSafe260 Dash Camera

      The GoSafe260 comes in two versions. You can either choose to mount the same along with a rear view mirror or you can choose a slim dash cam. This amazing cam has a large 2.7 inch display that will help you focus well on the road. You can even zoom in and out if you need to capture minute details such as the car's license number. The rear view mirror that you get along with the dash calm will help to reduce glare from traffic behind you and it will help you stay away from accidents and other mishaps.
    • No 5: Garmin Dash Cam 35

      The Garmin dash cam comes with a special sensor that will alert you in case you are getting too close to the vehicle ahead of you. You will even get speed camera and red light warnings. This dash cam also comes with an incident detection sensor that will automatically record and save footage of any kind of incidents that are caused due to an impact. This dash cam will even allow you to capture images in the unfortunate event of an accident or a collision. You can even choose to review your footage on the dash cam display itself.
  • iamjames

    am i the only person that has a dash cam in the rear window also? ( not a "rear camera" but an actual dash cam, except its in the rear window )

  • Flick

    This should've been top 10 best budget dash cameras of 2018. Blackvue is better than all of these cams.

  • Happy Life

    Is Spy Tec G1W-C heat resistant ? where is the price link ?

Top 5 Best Dash Cam 2018 - Best Car Accessories on Amazon.

    • 1. AUKEY Dual Dash Cam
    • 2. DDPAI X2 Pro Supreme Safety Digital Dual Cams
    • 3. BLACKVUE DR900S 4K UHD Cloud Dash Camera
    • 4. THINKWARE F800PRO Dash Cam
    • 5. yi dash cam